7 Best Landing Page Optimization Tips for 2019

7 website landing page tips

7 Tips for Website Landing Page Optimization

You have created a beautiful website, now you need some landing pages to use for various purposes such as pay-per-click digital marketing and email marketing campaigns, lead generation, e-commerce upsells, and any other ideas your business may have and need high quality landing pages.

But how do you build a high-quality landing page that rocks it and provides a greater user experience along with also being able to captivate your visitors and generate the leads and sales your business needs from your website visitors?

Here are some helpful tips to help you create a better optimized landing page for your business in 2019:

    • 1. Keep It Simple Stupid, One Topic Per Landing Page
    • newspaper one topic landing page
    • Keeping your landing page simple is a good idea for many reasons. First, your landing page should address one topic only and offer useful information about that topic. Secondly you want to avoid excessive animations and visuals due to the fact 50% or more visitors are on a mobile device when visiting your website. And lastly, simple works, its cleaner, conveys the call to actions more effectively, and looks better.

    • 2. Think About the Flat Design Pattern
    • flat design ui
    • The flat design is a minimal usage UI - User Interface design style that is widely popular and emphasizes typography and flat colors instead of animations and in your face design styles. Flat design fits in with simplicity and is ideal for responsive mobile first web design.

    • 3. Setup and Use Google Analytics to Monitor Your Landing Page Over Time
    • google analytics
    • If you haven’t already you need to setup Google Analytics on your web pages ASAP! This is extremely crucial for obtaining analytics about your web pages and for search engine optimization purposes. You need to have all the required data so you can make the best and informed decisions going further.

    • 4. Have Meaningful Images that Speak Louder than Words
    • Girl reading newspaper article
    • Use images in your article that help convey your message loud and clear, but not distract. There is no point and nothing more frustrating than reading an article only to be distracted with an unrelated or unclear and misplaced image. This can completely ruin your chance of captivating your audience, if the visitor can't relate what they are reading with what you are suddenly showing them. Your article needs focus and great imagery to help the visitor understand what you have to offer is of great quality and valuable to them. If not, the visitor will simply leave and not come back.

    • 5. Use Scientifically Proven Methods to Work for You
    • Hicks Law
    • Think about the user experience especially Hick’s Law. Hick’s Law deals with user choices and behavior, and why they make the choices they do. Understanding Hicks Law can help you design a better user experience for your website. When designing your optimized landing pages, it is crucial to think about some scientifically tested and proven design laws such as Hicks Law. Use science to win over your users. Trying new designs patters, and layouts, along with A/B split testing, and generating user feedback can also help your scientific methods generate more sales, increase brand awareness and create a better user experience.

    • 6. Create a Smooth Mobile Experience for Your Users
    • Smooth mobile responsive website
    • It’s 2019 and by now if you haven’t already done so it is time make sure all your web pages are updated to be mobile friendly and Responsive. If not your done for, no joking, you need to upgrade your website ASAP. With the new Google Mobile First ranking updates your website will not only lose rankings for related search results, but your user experience will fall. You are at risk of losing your visitors and sales to your competitors who provide a better web user experience. Don't let that happen to your website, upgrade to be mobile friendly and responsive as soon as possible, contact us a free Responsive Website Quote.

    • 7. Load Webpages Fast and Optimize for Speed
    • Optimize for speed
    • With a rapidly evolving world wide web, a webpage load time or speed has become a ranking factor on major search engines. Luckily, there are some useful tools available to help you analyze your website for speed and performance issues. Google's free tool Page Speed Insights offers a quick way to scan your website and find out ways to optimize it for speed and performance. Also, for the savvy web users who are familiar with Chrome DevTools, you could use Lighthouse which is built into Chrome DevTools and accessible through the Audits tab.

These tips will help you increase your SEO – Search Engine Optimization and provide your website visitors with a better user experience.