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    Website and Web Application Development Services

    Build Your Brand With Us. Create Your Story. We Help you Create Websites, Web Applications, and provide SEO - Search Engine Optimization, and Online Marketing Service.

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    Mobile HTML5 App and Native Mobile App Development Services

    Have an App Idea? We can Help you Build It. Our Services include HTML5 Mobile App Development, and Android and iOS App Development.

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    Custom Software Development Services

    Simply tell us what you want developed and we will gather the resources, build a team, build the project, and deliver your project to you on time.

Our Services

MicrotekBlue Is Your Implementation Partner. At MicrotekBlue we offer two types of Software Development Implementation Partnerships. The first is in-house, and the second is on-site. With both services we provide added value to your project with highly sought software skills, engineering resources, specialization, and leadership to help you obtain your project and business goals.

Our in-house implementation services are an excellent solution for all business projects that need a special home and skill set to deliver a project to you without all the headaches! All our projects are assigned to specialized developers and worked on in-house. We will deliver a final solution to you while working on the project in-house so you can relax and concentrate on your business.

Our on-site implementation services are designed for all businesses that require enterprise solutions and have a need for an on-site resource to be present and work on a large, growing, scalable project. Our Resource will attend your daily stand-ups, take part in all your Scrum ceremonies, and come with a highly testable and trained skill set in the applicable area, and behavior tested and team player verified.

Select a Professional Business Website Package

Web Design Development

How we can help you:

  • Company Business Portal Website
  • SaaS Website Application
  • E-Commerce Website
  • CMS - Content Management System
  • Blogging Platform
  • Forums and Communities
  • Directory and Classifieds
  • High Quality Landing Pages
  • Website Design Trends
  • UX - User Experience
  • UI - User Interaction


    • Can you Integrate Third-Party Software/Applications?
    • Yes! We can work with and integrate into your application any third party pieces of code and application integrations your company requires such as third party plugins, modules, components, and web services.

    • Can you Help Market Our Website and Get Visitors from Google?
    • Yes! Our SEO - Search Engine Marketing service is state of the art among our competitors. We know how to get your website unique visitors, increase the time your visitors stay on your website, help engage your visitors into sales, collect valuable leads from your visitors, and more.

    • Can you Help my Website with a Re-Design and New Theme?
    • Yes! Our Website Design and Development solutions offer a great variety of new front-end web designs and trends. If you saw something you liked on another website, let us know, or if you want to be unique and create your own Brand, we can help you there too!

    • How can my Website get More Traffic?
    • We can increase your website traffic the natural way with SEO. Our Search Engine Optimization solutions are designed to affect your websites search engine traffic on an intermittent basis and does not take affect right away. The true results of SEO are only achieved after a short period has passed. These results however can be extremely promising, highly targeted, optimized for sales and leads. Ongoing SEO is required to maintain successful high rankings of your website. That is why it is crucial to partner with the right SEO company. MicrotekBlue is your partner to help your website gain the active participation required to maintain healthy organic search engine rankings.

    • Do you provide customized Web Application Development?
    • You're the Boss! Create the website of your dreams. Get a custom web application made that is custom built for your business needs and growth. A website Helps your Brand, and We can Help Build your Brand Online. A custom solution can include a content management system, or a specialized integrated system built to your specifications.

Mobile Application Development

HTML5 Mobile Apps

HTML5 Mobile Hybrid Apps created with JS, HTML5, CSS3, NoSQL

Google Android Apps

Google Android Apps that require Native Development

Apple iOS iPhone Apps

Apple iOS Apps that require Native Development

Mobile Website Readiness

Is your website ready for Mobile Search? With search engines prioritizing Mobile Readiness as a Search Engine Ranking, it is crucial more than ever to get your websites updated and become Mobile Friendly. With Responsive Web Design, and our Advanced knowledge and application of Front-end web development, MicrotekBlue can take your website to the next level!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Services Will Help your Website Get More Visitors!

  • On-Site & Off-Site SEO
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Content Production
  • Website Updates and Maintenance
  • Link Building and Link Bait
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Analytics, Conversions, Tracking
  • Sitemap Generation
  • AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Mobile First Responsive Web Development

Enterprise Web Development Services

When your company has a large web-based project that you can’t complete because of lack of skill sets, time management, experience, or any other issues … We are here to Help!

Our Enterprise Web Development Services Include:

  • Large Application Web Development
  • Project Management and Agility
  • Project Leadership and Oversight
  • Web Architecture Design
  • Web Security Application
  • User Experience Research and Design
  • Front-end UI User Interface Development
  • Back-end Application Development
  • Database and API Design
  • DevOps and Cloud Services

When you need trained web developers with practical enterprise work experience, we are here to help you along the way to successfully research, create and build, deliver, and maintain your next web application.

We provide you with coding support you need for your enterprise level web development projects, and help you scale an existing project. We help you make your next big project come to life! Contact us for a Free Quote.