Refund Policy

Web Development Project Refund Policy:

Full Refund Policy: If the project has not been started and is still in ideation stages. The Full Refund policy will initiate if full payment was made upfront and no project start-up costs have incurred.

Partial Refund Policy: If there is a failure to deliver due to conflicts of any nature, on either side, we hold the right to terminate the project and issue a partial refund that will be calculated based on time spent vs developer hourly rate. We will bill the entire time spent in hours only. The partial refund will be in proportion to the work completed.

No Refund Policy: If the project has been completed and uploaded to the server, we consider this to be the Definition of Done, and hence the project is now completed and no more work is due and no refunds will be approved.

Last Updated: May 30, 2019