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Located in Guelph, Ontario MicrotekBlue Inc. provides Website Development and Search Engine Optimization services to businesses that deliver results. We help create the best website for your business!

A Professional Business Website built by MicrotekBlue can help your business grow online to meet your business objectives, sales goals, company branding and marketing needs.

MicrotekBlue can help showcase your business services and products online to the world by providing a highly polished web design development experience for your website visitors.

MicrotekBlue offers Web Design Development solutions to help your company create a professional website experience that optimizes the user experience, helps educate your visitors, increases the awareness around your products and services, and sell your products and services online.

With a great business website your business can reach its target audience and market worldwide. A professionally built custom Web Design Development website can help your business sell your product and services online with higher success rates and an increased ROI.

MicrotekBlue offers advanced, highly polished, next generation, custom built business website services and solutions. We help businesses sell their products online with our E-Commerce Solutions.

We can help your business create a SaaS - Software as a Service solution, offer an online tool, create a social network, connect with your users, provide web support, implement cloud services and provide Customized Business Website Solutions.

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Business Website Solutions

Web design development

Custom Business Website Solution

Customized business website solution. A Professional Web Developer will code and develop a customized web business solution. Create your business website without any limitations, scale the way you want, and integrate with any API's and Backends of your Choice.

Monthly Business Website Solution

Start with a small setup fee to create your website, then pay a low Monthly fee for a fully managed website solution with all technical website operations and website management taken care of by us! Great for E-Commerce and Small Business Enterprises.

Web Applications and Mobile Apps

When your business requires more than website, a web application can help scale your business to the next level. Our Professional JavaScript Developers and Web Application Developers will make your Web Application in Time, Quality Tested, and Production Ready.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Your new website doesn't get any traffic because it has no search engine optimization. Get your website search engine optimized. We provide advanced search engine optimization services that will help you get more website traffic from search engines naturally.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

We create and manage all your Digital Marketing Campaigns. Our Social Media Experts will create and manage your Social Media Accounts with Regular Updates, and Technical Maintenance of all your Social Media Accounts. Get more Traffic With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and More.

Website Hosting and Web Platform Solutions

Reliable web hosting, website platform infrastructure and management service is crucial to the success and health of your website and business. Our web hosting solutions provide your business with reliable website hosting servers that are fast and up-to-date with Security.

Your Trusted Partner for Web Development, Web Hosting, and Search Engine Optimization

MicrotekBlue Inc is helping many companies with their Digital Transformation. Improving User Experience drives traffic!

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Your Digital Transformation Partner

MicrotekBlue, is a Digital Agency located in Guelph, Ontario, offering full service B2B digital transformation solutions: including website development and marketing, web applications, mobile apps, custom software development, and search engine optimization.

Website development

Web Development, Web Apps and SEO Services

At MicrotekBlue, we create High Traffic Websites and Web Applications that Rank Highly on all Major Search Engines. This process is better known as SEO - Search Engine Optimization. We go further than SEO with your website and help you with Advanced SEO techniques combined with Advanced Web Development Services.

Website Development Services

Create a Professional Website

We are your dedicated partner to digitally transform your website, improve your online presence, build an online brand, and much more. Our goal is to Help your company and brand reach the market your business needs for online success. Our objective is to Help your Business Succeed and Grow Online!

With over 15 Years of web development experience, Microtekblue has worked on 100s of websites and web applications for start-ups, small-medium size businesses, and enterprise companies. We can help your company choose the right approach, technology, and resources to deliver the best solution that aligns with your business goals.

Why Google Search Engine Algorithms Are Not Ranking Your Website?

Our Search Engine Optimization service will analyze your website traffic, increase your websites Search Engine Result Rankings, and improve your website Metrics over time...

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Web Design & Development Services

Website Development

Your company website matters. Our service addresses your website development needs and challenges. From static web pages, to advanced JS Frameworks, we have the web development talent, skills, and resources to help your company stand out from its competition. We specialize in Front-end Development, User Interface Development, and UX Research. Our websites stand out from the competition, help deliver sales and leads, and rank highly on search engines.

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Web & Mobile Application Development

Your web HTML5, and Mobile Android/iOS applications are ready to be built by our Team of expert Software Engineering Professionals. We operate within a fully operational software development lifecycle, providing your company with services and practices that include research and planning, agile scrum practices and methodology, QA sign off and unit testing, code coverage and continuous integration ready. Deploy your next big app and projects with MicrotekBlue!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

A great website needs to be found online in Search Results. We can help you get More Traffic and Increase Sales with our Advanced SEO - Search Engine Optimization services. Rank Highly on Major Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We offer a full suite of SEO optimization techniques and services to help your site gain more traffic over time, and we offer the best producing and industry recommended solutions with tested results.

7 Crucial SEO Tips for Listing your Business Website Online

What Technology Stacks do you support?

As a web development services provider, we support all technology stacks our clients require. Some main technology stacks we support and provide solutions for are:


From DOM manipulation to Closures and Async to Single Page Applications. Supporting all your Client-Side JavaScript and Node.JS Back-End JavaScript Modules and Frameworks. We specialize in creating apps using ReactJS, Angular, Meteor, Ember, Polymer, Vue, and More. Providing your company with Full Stack Node.js Development.


Building the web with HTML5. We Know the Semantics and Understand the API's. We help you Build HTML5, PWA's and Single Page Applications with HTML5 and JavaScript APIs in mind such as Web Workers, Application Cache, and Geolocation, WebSocket, and more.


Having a Responsive Website requires full control of CSS3. The look and feel and design of your website is all controlled with CSS. We can provide your website with advanced CSS features including Responsive UI, Animations, Material Design UI, Flat UI, Parallax Scrolling, and More.

More Languages, Libraries, and Frameworks:
  • Node.JS
  • PHP
  • JAVA/C++/Python
  • Android and iOS
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • Angular
  • Node Modules
  • Gulp, Grunt, Webpack
  • Meteor, Ember, Vue
  • Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, ZenCart

Your Business Needs Web Hosting

MicrotekBlue offers Professional Grade Business Web Hosting to host all your websites and web applications.

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What is your Process?

  • Preparation: Analysis, Research, and Planning

    Phase 1

Our Process:

Analysis, Research, and Planning

When we first start any project there are three general phases, and the first being the getting ready stage. At this stage we will do all the information gathering, project scope and analysis, research and education, and finally planning within an agile scrum framework.


At this stage, once all the first stage tasks are completed, we will start on the Implementation phase of the project. At this stage we then start hands on development and coding of your project. All development has specific guidelines assigned to it, based on our internal agile practices. Each development cycle is accompanied and or followed by a Quality Assurance stage. Here the application will undergo various QA Testing. Once QA has signed off, we will move your project into pre-delivery stage and wait for the green light to deploy and go live.

Support and Maintain

Every project at a given time will require support in some way or another. MicrotekBlue is setup to offer the support, upkeep, and maintenance of your project.

Commonly Asked Questions

We are here to help you understand the technology:

What is Web Design?

Web Design consists of mostly front-end styles and visual illustration aspects of a website such as the font, text, link, and background colors, the overall look and feel, the user experience and mobile device responsiveness.

What is Web Development?

Web Development is the process of building a website or web application with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, a Database, server-side language, and web platform. Different Web technologies and processes all combine to complete a website and/or web application.

What is a Web Application?

A Web Application consists of a platform that integrates a database with a server-side language or framework and delivers dynamic functionality combined with software development principals to produce web applications that are dynamic, database driven, and require a backend.

What is a Static Website?

A Static Website is anything that can display HTML markup in a web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. The difference between a regular static website and a web application website is the backend and platform. If a website requires a programmatic and dynamic behavior, then it is called a web application. A static website is a website that does not have a backend, and consists of only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Service

Search Engine Optimization How to Choose the Best Domain Name for SEO?

Are you having trouble ranking your website for the keywords you want for your business? Its a very difficult process and highly competitive to have your webpage compete for the first or second or now even third or fourth pages of the search engine results.

With search engines deprioritizing the general public websites for their own content and web platform, SEO has become even more challenging with websites having to compete with not only other websites, but with search engines themselves too.

How is your website going to rank when there is so much competition and similar tricks of the trade being used by everyone? The answer is, be different!

At MicrotekBlue we are a different SEO company. We provide you with a solid foundation that will allow you to take control over your web business the way professional websites do that are ranking highly for organic search keywords and driving high quality web traffic to their websites. Your website needs a strategy and a firm behind you all the way from the initial conception stages of research and planning, to the web designing and development aspects of your website, and all the way to continuous digital marketing and SEO, and web maintenance support and upgrades that are crucially needed for a successful website in 2020.