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Are you looking to create a website for your business? Do you want a real person helping you along the way? At MicrotekBlue we are here to help you Create a website that will help your business get more visitors and increase your sales.

We create a website for your business with the latest web technologies available, utilizing beautiful web design techniques, converting your website visitors into sales, and creating a complete website from initial conception stage to a highly polished finished product to add to your business.

Create a website with SEO in mind

SEO website service

SEO - Search Engine Optimization in Mind

Your business needs a website that is designed with SEO - Search Engine Optimization already in mind. At MicrotekBlue our websites are built with SEO in mind which helps your new website gain search engine ranking visibility for your desired keywords more quickly.

When you create a website with us, we will help you understand the niche and competition your website is facing to rank organically on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We help your business grow with a website that flourish’s organically online with our SEO services.

SEO Ranking

Our SEO - Search Engine Optimization service will sky rocket your website over your competitors over time.

MicrotekBlue can help you with:

  • Getting search engine visitors to your website
  • Increasing the time visitors spend on your website
  • Creating a click-to-action sales funnel system
  • Converting your visitors into sales
  • Running your website smoothly with no down time
  • Technical Support for all your website issues
Create a professional business website

Create business website

Create a website. Website packages start at $999 + HST.

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Creating a Website

When you Create your Website with MicrotekBlue, we provide you with a Fully Customized Business Website solution - that you own and you can scale any way you want, without any monthly payments or platform restrictions.

With the SaaS: Software-As-A-Service model, you are charged a monthly fee to rent your own website, and to add insult to injury, you are required to also build the website yourself! You pay monthly and build it too? Wait, What!?

With monthly subscription websites, you are also not getting a unique, customized, real human developed, scalable, non-restricted, website. You are getting a mass model website, do it yourself create a website model, that simply doesn't scale and only produces low quality websites.

Why bother with a low-quality website for your business that you rent monthly and don’t actually own? Do you want a website that is only as good as your monthly payments? A website that you don't own means trouble for your business.

We Build the Website. So you can relax and concentrate on what matters the most, your Business. We are not a SaaS platform and you don’t pay a monthly fee for your website. Create your website once, and own it for life!