Front-end Web Development Specialization

Front-end User Interface

Front-end Development

A website needs a Front-end, but not necessarily a Back-end. The Front-end consists of many different aspects including: web design, user interface, user experience, website analytics, speed and performance, and website responsiveness combined all into one to create a modern web user interface.

At MicrotekBlue, we specialize in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which are the core language and technologies that a website requires to scale up to a next generation advance web User Interface that uses the latest front-end web development techniques.

User Interface Development

A good or bad User Interface can either make or break your website. With a poor User Interface design combined with out dated front-end technologies used, the website experience suffers. At MicrotekBlue we understand the User Interface and the technologies needed.

We can help you develop advanced User Interfaces into your systems using the front-end web technologies that you need to help your Users interact with your application in the most effective and modern way possible.

Forget about sending an email update, Users now want Notifications. Don’t think in the past, update your User Interface to interact with Millennials and new generation of Users who will be using your app.

UX Research

At MicrotekBlue our UX research helps analyze your visitor’s behavior on your Domain from different verticals and channels, to help identify the best User Persona for your website goals and objectives.

With single or multiple User Persona’s identified and defined Microtekblue can then help you create better onboarding experiences, increase your ROI, create better optimized landing pages, meet your sale goals, conduct A/B testing, and keep refreshing.

With advanced User experience research and analysis, MicrotekBlue can help you sell more online, collect better leads, and optimize your website for your services.