Professional Business Website Package

You have a great offline business and now you want to grow your business online. Whether you want to find new customers, sell products or services, or provide information to the world about your business, MicrotekBlue will skyrocket your business into the future!

If you are Looking for a Professional made Website for your Business, MicrotekBlue will help you create a custom website or web application that is the right fit for your business needs.

At MicrotekBlue we consult and educate our clients at every step of the way to help you understand the different concepts about website development, web hosting, and search engine optimization that are needed for every online web business to succeed. Our goal is to help your business grow and scale online to your desired level. Our website development services are tailored to fit all business sizes, and we offer three different Professional Business Website Development Packages to choose from.

Asim Ahmad - CTO/Founder MicrotekBlue Inc.

Common Getting Started Questions

  • Q. We have never owned a website before, can you help us create and manage one?
  • Answer: Yes! We will create and manage your website for your company. We offer monthly website management services for your websites health and growth.
  • Q. Can you help us understand how websites and the different web technologies work?
  • Answer: Yes! We educate our clients so they can make the right decisions for their business. Our Web Developers will be happy to explain any technology questions you have.
  • Q. Do you provide Search Engine Optimization Services to help our website get traffic and visitors?
  • Answer: Yes! All our Professional Business Website packages come with our On-Site SEO Package built right in. We offer monthly SEO: Search Engine Optimization packages that will bring in Traffic to your website

The OnBoarding Process

When you start a new website project with MicrotekBlue, your business website project will be assigned to a Senior Web Developer and Web Business Consultant, who will then contact you to setup an onboarding information session via a phone call or in person.

All our services are streamlined for you and a Professional Web Developer will be assigned to your project. Our Web Developers will work with you directly and personally will create and deliver your professional business website.

Did you see something you like on another website or even your competitor’s website? Don't hesitate to discuss any features that you are interested in developing with your dedicated specialized Web Developer, who will assist you with every aspect of your website development project and website creation journey!

You need MORE than a Website!

At MicrotekBlue we provide full-service website development services. Your online business deserves the best. We set up your business online with our specialized services including:

  • Professional Business Website Design and Development
  • A Custom Professional Logo or Graphic Design
  • Unique Website Content optimized for Search Engines
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization On-site and Off-site
  • Social Media Creation and Management Service

You also need website platform support:

  • A Web Server and Website Hosting
  • A Domain Name, Registration, DNS

You also need website market research and analysis:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Branding and Digital Media Design
Professional Business Website Packages


Website Page: Any web page of your choosing such as a: Home page, About Us page, Our Services page, Our Products page, Gallery page, Contact Us page, SEO Topic Article page, any Other Web Page of your liking).

Web Form: A web form is any programmable web form that a user can input information into, which will be sent to you via an E-mail. For example: Contact Us Form, Get a Quote Form, Join Our Newsletter Form, Make a Reservation Form, any Other Web Form.

Website Template: A website template are pre-arranged website parts that are put together by expert developers and ready to be used by your website. The web works on sharing and open source, so we help you re-use, rather than re-invent the wheel.

Website Theme: A website theme is the overall look and feel of your website in terms of colors, fonts and typography, images, color schemes, user experience, and visual appeal.

SEO: The abbreviation SEO, is a commonly used short form for the longer phrase known as Search Engine Optimization.

Website Hosting: Our website hosting services include full end-to-end website setup of all your website web hosting needs including domain registration, domain transfer, and DNS Administration. Get free website hosting available for different packages on our business grade advanced web hosting platform.

  • Business Website Package 1
  • $3000 + HST
  • Starter Website
  • 5 Website Pages
  • 1 Web Form
  • Web Design Theme and Identity Branding
  • Full On-site SEO
  • FREE Website Hosting for 6 months
  • Add-on Website Features *
  • WordPress Blog: $500
  • E-Commerce Store: $2000
  • Online Forum Community: $1500
  • Start Now
  • Business Website Package 2
  • $4000 + HST
  • Premium Website
  • 10 Website Pages
  • 1 Web Form
  • Web Design Theme and Identity Branding
  • Full On-site SEO
  • FREE Website Hosting for 1 year
  • Add-on Website Features *
  • WordPress Blog: $500
  • E-Commerce Store: $1500
  • Online Forum Community: $1000
  • Start Now
  • Business Website Package 3
  • $5000 + HST
  • For High Scaling
  • 15 Website Pages
  • 2 Web Forms
  • Web Design Theme and Identity Branding
  • Full On-site SEO
  • FREE Website Hosting for 2 years
  • Add-on Website Features *
  • WordPress Blog: $500
  • E-Commerce Store: $1000
  • Online Forum Community: $500
  • Start Now
*All prices are for the initial installation and setup, and 1-year technical support maintenance website service. Free technical support for a period of 1 year from first installation date, to manage and provide updates of any issued security updates by the vendor software. It is your responsibility to notify us that a patch is needed, as this would be identified to you via the application software. Then simply file a support ticket with us and we will update it as soon as possible.

Web Design Theme and Identity Branding

The Looks Matter, we have you covered with our Web Design Theme and Identity Branding service:

Website Design

Choose from professional website templates and themes

Logo Development

Logo creation or any HTML banner of your choice

Responsive Website

A fully responsive and mobile friendly website

Web Design and SEO

Web design optimized for speed, performance, and SEO

On-Site SEO: Search Engine Optimization

All our Website Packages Include our Full On-site SEO service:

  • Friendly SEO URL
  • 301 Duplicate Content
  • Responsive Mobile Web Design
  • Advanced Meta Information (Title, Meta Description, Structured Data, JSON-LD)
  • Semantic HTML Usage and Accessibility Guidelines
  • Sitemap XML Generation
  • Robots Text File Generation
  • Google Analytics Install and Setup
  • Google Search Console Install and Setup